The pleasure-centred perception of one's own person and the free sexual activity full of variety and only thus satisfying, that organically grows from this self-perception in case it remains undisturbed, is the point of departure for the subject's conquering of the world, in the individual sphere as well as in that of society. Self-determination in sexual matters is the model for self-determination on the whole. Anyone who is not crippled in this regard will not have others put a spoke into his wheel so easily in any other matter, anyone succumbing to oppression in this regard will succumb to it totally. – In order to describe this correlation, Freud coined the phrase: "The sexual behaviour of a human being often lays down the pattern for all his other modes of reacting to life" (SE, Vol IX, p. 198). This exactly is the reason why any social order based on injustice and therefore interested in "good" and "well-behaved" subjects never failed to take most rigorous measures at this point – just think of bathing and dress regulations, prohibitions of abortion, the demonization of the anti-baby pill, marital and divorce laws, of the state's favouring and imposing of feminism that, by its very nature, is hostile to equality, or of the child abuse mania, genital mutilations persevering from ancient times and presently shielded by the state (genital mutilation of boys nowadays is recommended most officially by the W"H"O), and last not least the life-poisoning promotion of AIDS-spreading by purposefully disregarding the laws for the control of epidemics worldwide. Thus a state's legislation regarding sexual matters is the indicator for its humane or inhumane attitude. Vice versa, active involvement in this issue is and will always be the acid test for any so-called or even genuine left party. Whoever shirks this issue, from reasons of either cowardice, the will to conformity or super-cleverness, is acting under a fraudulent label and therefore is not truly on the left – on condition that the left is to be understood as a movement fighting for the aim of the greatest happiness of the greatest percentage of mankind.

Starting from the day of our foundation, this commitment to the humanization of sexuality has been the red thread throughout all our – meanwhile quite numerous – publications on the issue as well as the activities we undertook whenever and wherever possible. In pursuing this aim, we see ourselves in the tradition of the eminent leader of the French Revolution Jacques-René Hébert who demanded the liberation of sexuality from the claws of the church, in that of Lenin and Trotsky who abolished the public registration of sexual relations (marriage) in the young Soviet Union for the first time, legalized abortions and guaranteed the equality of the sexes in the Constitution of the Soviet Union, and not least in the tradition of the communist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich who analyzed the function of the church as the "agency of the ruling class for sexual matters" and characterized the family as its most important instrument and who deducted consequences concerning sexual politics from this.

As our sphere of activities is mainly the German-speaking region, the writings testifying our fight for sexual freedom and self-determination are up to now mostly in German. Still, we would like to draw the attention of the interested reader who might be able to read German fairly well to three basic books on the subject:



[kaufen link="" text="Es gab einmal eine bessere Zeit..."]

Kerstin Steinbach

Es gab einmal eine bessere Zeit... (1965–1975)

Die verhaßten Bilder und ihre verdrängte Botschaft
[There Once has been a Better Time... (1965 - 1975) – The Hated Pictures and their Repressed Message] (AHRIMAN Publishing House, 2nd edition 2011, also available in Spanish and Polish language)

"Why are the Pope and the feminists raging against the publicity, in particular the advertising photos, of the 1970s? Have they been paranoiac or led by an unerring instinct? – In reality, these hated pictures were the heart of a better time that are supposed to be destroyed and repressed in people's memory. Steinbach digs them up again, against the will of the media and all other propagandists.

bh.weg.small nackte.Frau.Werbung.small Stern.kuessende.Paar.small Frau.tanzend.small

This book will dead sure make every Pope hopping mad, as well as all fans of Alice Schwarzer (As to Hitler, he is already dead. But Obama is living.)" (From the publisher's presentation of the book)




[kaufen link="" text="Rückblick auf den Feminismus"]

Kerstin Steinbach

Rückblick auf den Feminismus

Von Anfang an eine Lüge gegen Gleichheit, Logik und sexuelles Vergnügen
[A Look Back on Feminism – From the Outset a Lie Against Equality, Logic, and Sexual Pleasure]

(AHRIMAN Publishing House, 2012)

"What has feminism really brought us? Does it stand, as affirmed by its representatives, for equality of the sexes or for the contrary? And if the latter is true, have they only erred or gone astray, or are they liars and have practiced false labeling? This question, as the trueness or falseness of all statements, can never be decided on by majorities or obtrusive, power-based repetitions - Steinbach's book is a sober and realistic stocktaking." (From the publisher's presentation of the book)




[kaufen link="" text="Uncle Sam's Sexualhölle"]

Max Roth

Uncle Sam's Sexualhölle erobert die Welt –

Die neue Hexenjagd auf "Kinderschänder" und die weltweite Enthumanisierung des Sexualstrafrechts unter US-Diktat

[Uncle Sam's Sexual Hell Conquers the World – The New Witch-Hunt for "Child Abusers" and the Worldwide Dehumanization of Sexual Offending Laws Under US Dictate]

(AHRIMAN Publishing House, 2013)

"The US sexual offending laws were always marked by puritanism, but since the beginnings of the 1990s they have been developed, with their life-long electronic pillory ("sex offender registers"), delusional "child abuse" or "child pornography" charges or systematic abuse of psychiatry ("civil commitment"), into a true hell on earth for any sexually active individual living on American soil. Roth's book gives the first historical overview and present-day account on the US sex offending laws available in German language, and it describes how these inhumane US criminal laws are, accompanied by a worldwide propaganda of child abuse mania, imposed on most countries of today's globe that has fallen, since 1990, under the unrivalled rule of US mono-imperialism." (From the publisher's presentation of the book)


Among the tens of thousands of victims of the US Sexual Offending Laws we supported some examplary cases:



The decisive slogan of sexual politics in the sense of Reich in our times is: Equality instead of Feminism. A political programme along this line will separate the chaff from the wheat and unmask classical reactionaries, feminists, cowards, and traitors:

1. Self-determination in sexual matters! Sexuality is the private affair of those who want to practise it; voluntariness of the partners provided, state-paid snoopers have to keep out, and venomous neighbours anyway.

2. Age of consent to be set at the age of puberty! Abrogation of the US sexual offending laws that are meanwhile also introduced in Europe and provide for the prosecution as "child abuse" of any sexual activities of and with individuals under the age of 18 on the flimsiest pretexts. (And real children must have the freedom to play "doctor games"!)

3. Access to any desired means of contraception free of charge; access also to sterilisation and hysterectomy! A clear-cut abortion limit without mandatory "abortion counselling" that attempts at talking those round who wish to terminate pregnancy; widespread use of the harmless abortion pill RU 486 instead of vexatiously tight time frames; research into the development of the artifical placenta.

4. No more trapping with pregnancy! This issue would be quickly and efficiently resolved once every male has got the right to officially decide, within the term for legal abortion, for or against the child. If he agrees, he shall be fully responsible; if he decides against the child, there shall be no responsibility on his part; if the woman conceals her pregnancy, he shall have no obligations anyway.

5. Abolition of dress regulations in the sphere of leisure! Wearing transparent blouses or the burkha is a private matter, and everyone who likes to swim or take a sunbath in the nude shall be allowed to do so in any place.

6. No more feminist tutelage and censorship of representations depicting nudity!

7. Re-establishment of the classical measures for the control of epidemics! This applies to all venereal diseases, including the most dangerous one: AIDS; free access to the HIV home test.

8. Maximum punishment for proven rape and the same maximum punishment for proven false charges of rape! Return to clear-cut definitions of sexual offences in criminal law instead of their extension and interpretation as elastic clauses to fit the purpose of feminist denunciation.

9. Away with the gender filth! A person's sex must not play a role in any social sphere; the millions of tax money that will be saved can be used to cover the cost of contraceptives (instead of killing Syrian patriots, another, but unwelcome alternative of many of spending the same amount of money).

10. Equality in terms of labour legislation! Collective wage system legislation, qualification and performance as the sole criterion for all instead of quota systems and privileges for women. Continuation of the system of general and free education, maintaining the principle of co-education. A stop to any encouragement of one sex to evade socially necessary work, i.e. no more tax subsidies, pensions and maintenance allowances for housewives and part-time women!

11. Abrogation of the German prostitution law and any comparable law recognizing prostitution as a "profession"! Whoring is not a profession but simply disgusting.

12. Abolition of marriage as an institutionalized sexual straight-jacket! Before the ending of the registration of sexual relationships, immediately any material preferential treatment of certain forms of relationships, e.g. through tax or legal privileges, has to be stopped.

13. Application of the principle of causation in private matters! Those who have more children than one shall bear the full financial responsibility for them (except in the case of twins); establishment of tax equity in this regard but, in turn, free-of-charge access to day-nurseries, kindergartens and alternative institutions, e.g. children's homes according to Vera Schmidt's model. The duty of the parents' full financial responsibility shall, in any case, apply until the global population, at optimal conditions of living, will be in optimal proportion to the planet's ressources (which includes sufficient space – at least half of which must not be blocked off or made accessible only against payment of entrance fees – to guarantee the survival of all species of animals and plants). Then, but only then, can the discussion about the maximum number of children eligible to government grants be resumed.


It will still be an exciting question whether Trotsky was right when he predicted that state and family would have "fulfilled their historical mission, would wither and disappear" once a society based on equality and without people parasiting from inheritance has been established.

Absolutely impossible? Not feasible? Utopical? – Just take a breath and think about it and, even better, discuss the question with others in a calm and rational spirit.