May 2020:

Trump and Corona

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 4 April 2020:

Save Citizens, not Banks!

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 17 April 2020:

Informations from one of our french readers:

Faits médicales sur Covid-19 : Il faut que nos gouvernements arrêtent de torturer les chiffres pour nous faire peur!

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 March 2020:

Corona and AIDS –
Long live the double standards !

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 February 2020:

#MeToo?! #MenToo!

An Indian Kachelmann Case

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(There is also a translation available in Hindi)

 August 2019:

Greta and Hansel and their blind spot: Birth Control

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 23 September 2017:

Short message


After the Romanian government had been persecuting the totally innocent mystic Gregorian Bivolaru for many years and had committed various crimes against him, he has been finally released "with conditions" on 13 September 2017. (Let us hope that Romania does not take these conditions more seriously than Greece those imposed on the Dreisam River Murderer Hussein Khavari after he had got out of prison in no time after his first (known) attempt of murder on Corfu – well, innocent citizens of the own state just have a harder time than rapefugees brought in.) That at long last the Romanian state of lawlessness has become a bit meek and mild, surely would have been less likely without the active international attention to its victim.


9 May 2017:

Victims of the press, watch out:
Ideology and lie!

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18 April 2017:

Trump Caves In – a Victory for the Lügenpresse (lying press)

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18 March 2017:

A tiny example of an overlooked piece of the "Lügenpresse" (Lying press)

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13 March 2017:

Freedom for Bivolaru !

Today, on his 65th birthday, we most urgently renew our demand that Gregorian Bivolaru be immediately released from prison in Romania and be granted free return to his country of asylum Sweden. His life is in imminent danger, as he is exposed to numerous death threats and is kept in solitary confinement under 24-hours surveillance.
Please join our urgent appeal by writing a protest letter to the responsible authorities. Every day counts!

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March 2017:

Freedom for Badawi !


Saudi Arabia is one of the most inhumane regimes of the world - by far. Religious terror, torture, most stinking sexual repression and contempt of women as well as the barbaric genital mutilation are customary practice in that medieval oil monarchy. But under the atomic shield of US imperialism and the pampering policy of its European offshoots the Gulf despots are acting more brazenly than ever: in spite of broad international protest they announced in the middle of October 2016 to continue the whipping of the prisoner Raif Badawi, suspended for a short time, excluding the public.

Raif Badawi, imprisoned under inhumane conditions, was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment, to a penalty of 200.000 Euro and to the humiliating and life threatening bodily punishment of 1.000 lashes of the whip five years ago,because he publicly advocates democracy, secularism and equal rights for both sexes.

We urgently call upon you to protest against those despisable, utmost barbaric practices of the Saudi medieval regime as well as against the repulsive complicity of the Western governments. Furthermore, those Western governments are demanded to speak up for the immediate release of Raif Badawi, also giving teeth to their demand by sanctions, that they usually do not hesitate to impose against states such as Russia or Syria.

Please send your protest letters to the Saudi Arabian embassy in your respective home country. We looked up a few:

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
30 Charles Street
London W1J5DZ

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
601 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC20037

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2-Pachchimi Marg, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi, 110057

(and please send a copy to our address.)

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20. February 2017:

Open Letter to Roman Polanski

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December 2016:

Extradition of Polanski to the US sexual myrmidons rejected once and for all!

The attempt of the Polish justice minister to extradite the aged artist to the USA and expose him to a certain and humiliating death in prison, has been dismissed by the Polish Supreme Court. The degrading and nerve-racking torture by Poland´s Catholic goverment must have reminded the world-famous director of his nightmarish childhood years in the Jewish ghetto set up by the Nazis in Krakow; his late years are at any rate clouded by this threat, and the world now has to wait longer for his movie about the Dreyfus affair, if the tormented director will find the energy for it at all.
We congratulate Roman Polanski to his hard-won freedom, in which the protest campaign initiated by us – see our international protest call below and our brochure about Roman Polanski – certainly had a significant part.


November 2016:

Congratulations, Donald! Hold out against Saboteurs and Billionaires!

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November 2016:

Letter to an Indian friend about the Islamisation of Europe, especially Germany

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September 2016:

TTIP is already a done deal – but you voted for the pack, didn´t you?!

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Hands off Roman Polanski!

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